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Great website with links to Chinese history, writing, facts, maps, ancient and modern life, quizzes, news and more.

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Chinese Songs and Stories

Explore Ancient China
Scrolling over objects in this present-day classroom takes students back to Early Imperial China. Pull down the projector screen, for example, and view a slideshow about the building of the Great Wall. Change the carousel and zoom in on the details of a brick found in a burial chamber. Open a drawer and find pictures of silk, ceramics, rice and tea from Imperial China along with an interactive that helps students understand the production process. It’s all great fun—and rich with information!

Ask Asia Games, stories, maps and more.

Panada Cam–China
The Wolong Nature Reserve, a Giant Panda Sanctuary World Heritage Site, is the location for a live webcam where the world can observe efforts to save the highly endangered animals.